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Young M.A drops “Bleed”. Young M.A. is back on her bully with her latest track, “Bleed.” Over a grim, aggressive instrumental, Young M.A. makes it clear that she isn’t playing with anyone, man or woman. “Four years later, they still sleepin’ on me/ And I ain’t gotta get the strap because I keep it on me/ It’s funny how I got a big dick without a dick on/ It’s Young M.A., don’t ever let that name come out your lips,” she raps at the top of the track. Young M.A. is back to flexing her lyrical prowess on the track, especially in comparison to “Wahlinn” which was much more melodic.

Quotable Lyrics
If gettin’ money mean you dumb, fuck it then I been a fool
And I don’t just go and get the food, I built a kitchen too
I rather be inside some pussy, than do this interview
Lil gay n***a, hoes been on me since like middle school

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